Wyoming Insurance Department 
106 East 6th Ave
Cheyenne, WY 82002


  • The Department no longer mails hard copies of licenses.
  • If you submit your license application or renewal via Sircon you may print your license or download a digital copy for free within 30 days of its approval.
  • If you mailed your application or submitted through NIPR you must pay a $5 fee to print or download your license. After paying the fee you may print or download as many copies as you like within a 30 day period.
  • You may print or download your license here: Request a copy of your license

WY Licensing Updates Related to COVID-19
Effective July 1, 2019 business entity licenses will no longer be perpetual and will be subject to renewal and reinstatement processes. Please make sure your entity is in compliance with WY law by updating your email, designated licensed producer and address through Sircon.

The Department requests that licensees review and update their email address on file electronically through NIPR Contact Change Request at NIPR (no charge) or Sircon. It is important to maintain email addresses as license renewal notices and other correspondence are usually sent by electronic processes.

Address or name changes are not processed with the renewal application. Address changes may be submitted electronically (preferred) through NIPR or Sircon.  Pursuant to W.S. § 26-9-207(f) the Department must be notified of an address change within (30) days of the change.

Licensing Memoranda