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Attention---- Content on all Forms change annually.  Use the current Forms found on the website. Do not submit prior year's forms with adjusted dates.

Current Forms are available on our website December 1 of each year.

This page lists all of the required Wyoming-specific forms due March 1 in Microsoft Word format. A few of the forms are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Download each form separately. Each section is color-coded and lists all of the required forms for each type of insurance company. After downloading the Microsoft Word forms, the document may need the margins increased to prevent unintended line wrapping. In addition, your tab settings may affect the underlining. Please check these items before printing.

All licensed insurers will be assessed for publication fees according to W.S. § 26-3-126. Invoicing is handled by the Wyoming Press Association, on our behalf, and mailed in late June or early July of each year.  The Wyoming Press Association can be contacted at (307) 635-3905.  

If you are having trouble opening these forms, try saving first, then open the saved file.
Accredited Reinsurers 
Surplus Lines Companies

Surplus Lines Companies are NOT licensed in Wyoming and are NOT required to file an Annual Statement or pay premium taxes with the Wyoming Insurance Department. Surplus Lines premium tax is to be paid by the Wyoming licensed brokers who produce this business. A surplus lines company may file a copy of its Annual Statement with the Department for informational purposes only.