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Air Ambulance:
  • Effective April 1, 2020, Air Ambulance Membership/Subscription Companies Must Be Licensed. Air ambulance companies operating in Wyoming and offering memberships or subscriptions are reminded that Wyo. Stat. §26-5-103(a)(ii) was passed as part of the Air Ambulance Coverage-Medicaid Act, HB0194/HEA 0112 during the 2019 Wyoming legislative session.  Effective, April 1, 2020, disability insurance is defined in Wyo. Stat. § 26-5-103(a)(ii) as “insurance of any kind on human beings against disablement or expense resulting from sickness, including subscription or membership plans relating to air ambulance transport services.” This definition of disability insurance is not exclusive to the Medicaid program and disability insurance is not under the jurisdiction or funding of CMS. Rather, enforcement of this provision is under the authority and jurisdiction of the Wyoming Department of Insurance (DOI).  Accordingly, all air ambulance membership and subscription companies must be licensed as disability insurers with the Department of Insurance by April 1, 2020. Please contact Becky McFarland, DOI General Counsel, at or at 307-777-6889 with questions.

Market Stability Grant , cycle 1 study:

Long Term Care Insurance Companies with policies in force in Wyoming 
  • Effective July 1, 2020, Long Term Care Insurance Rate Filing Changes here
  • Long Term Care Rate Increase Checklist here


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