The Wyoming Health Insurance Pool (WHIP) was created by the 1990 Wyoming Legislature to provide health insurance coverage to Wyoming residents who are denied adequate health insurance. However, due to the ACA, individuals can no longer be denied traditional health insurance due to their existing medical conditions, thus essentially eliminating the need for the Non-Disabled WHIP plan. A 2015 Wyoming law was passed to allow for the Commissioner to dis-enroll members from the Pool who are able to obtain reasonable coverage elsewhere.


The Wyoming Health Insurance Pool is governed by a Board of Directors pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 26-43-102 . The WHIP Board of Directors recommended the Commissioner dis-enroll the Non-Disabled Plan members, effectively closing the Non-Disabled plan as of 12/31/2015. 


The Medicare Disabled Plan through WHIP offers coverage similar to a Medicare supplement insurance plan, covering Medicare Part A & B deductibles, and the plan will continue for individuals under age 65 on Medicare due to disability. For information regarding purchasing insurance through the ACA, please visit www.healthcare.gov

WHIP currently has 2 plans available, The Brown Plan (high deductible plan) and The Gold Plan. Applicants are assigned to the proper level (Level 1 or 2) coverage under each plan based on Adjusted Gross Income and Filing Status as demonstrated on the applicant’s most current year’s Federal Income Tax Filing Form 1040. 

WHIP plans are administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming. If you have any questions regarding the Wyoming Health Insurance Pool, please contact the administrator at 1-800-442-2376 or 307-634-1393.


WHIP Medicare Disabled Plan Application:


WHIP Medicare Disabled Benefit Booklets: