Salary: $4,737.20 - $5,921.07 Monthly


This position protects and assists Wyoming citizens through its oversight, regulation, and enforcement of insurance matters. The position reviews and evaluates property and casualty insurance, company policy contract forms, and processes to determine compliance with the Department's Wyoming Insurance Code, regulations, and policy positions. Provides insurance expertise to the Department in all areas related to property-casualty insurance with a special focus on personal lines and commercial insurance.


  • Perform various tasks in both long and short-range planning for various governmental programs.

  • Review, approve or disapprove all assigned insurance company policy forms and filings to ensure compliance with Wyoming statutes and regulations.

  • Identify and track trends and changes related to the insurance industry and market.

  • Perform research studies for special assignments involving state or federal legislation, statutes, or policy issues, including gathering data and creating special reports.

  • Review, approve and comment on planning documents.

  • Provide information and background to the public, state & national legislators, and the media; handle comments and suggestions from the public.

  • If needed, attend national symposiums regarding related issues.

  • Monitor the state programs/projects for compliance and may make approval/disapproval decisions based on that review.

  • May develop agency internal policies, rules, and regulations and coordinate the rules and regulations adoption process to ensure compliance.

  • Coordinate with agency executives, any other related entity, other agency personnel, and regional and national partners to identify and assess policy issues.

  • Participates in public meetings and seminars with other states and federal agencies to promote public awareness of current insurance provider practices and policies.

  • Responsible for consumer outreach and education regarding insurance issues and trends.

  • Works independently and efficiently in managing large workloads.

  • May assist during the legislative session with preparing and presenting information regarding proposed legislation.

  • Serve in an advisory capacity to boards for specialized programs.

  • Works with other sections of the Department to evaluate and problem-solve insurance issues facing Wyoming consumers.

  • Provide services that assist with the development of the strategic plan.



Bachelor's Degree (typically in Business)


0-3 years of progressive work experience (typically in Business) with acquired knowledge at the level of a Policy & Planning Analyst I


Education & Experience Substitution:

4-6 years of progressive work experience (typically in Business) with acquired knowledge at the level of a Policy & Planning Analyst I



Salary: $5,161.87 - $6,451.47 per month


The Financial Examiner position monitors the solvency of Wyoming insurance companies by performing risk-focused examinations and financial analysis of insurance companies annual and quarterly statements


  • Responsible for obtaining the Certified Financial Examiner (CFE) designation after hire.

  • Plans, performs, and issues reports of examination of all Wyoming domestic insurance companies in accordance with Wyoming Statutes and NAIC standards for the purpose of monitoring financial solvency and statutory compliance.

  • Reviews and gains an understanding of insurer operations, including its corporate governance structure and its enterprise risk management framework through a review of regulatory filings, discussions with Department staff, discussions with company personnel, review of public information, review of industry trends and other sources of information as applicable

  • Exercises judgment to identify and assess financial solvency risks facing the company, from both a current and prospective risk perspective.

  • Identify relevant controls and/or risk mitigation strategies to address risks identified and perform tests of controls to evaluate their effectiveness, as appropriate.

  • Performs and documents the financial analysis of domestic insurance companies in accordance with Wyoming Statutes and NAIC standards for the purpose of monitoring financial solvency.

  • Summarizes and documents results of analysis and assessment of risks based on information reviewed as well as communications with the insurer and other regulators.

  • Corresponds with company executives, department staff, and other state, federal, or international regulators to investigate issues identified, evaluate company responses, and propose additional regulatory actions if warranted.

  • Investigates and determines if the company is in compliance with state laws, rules, regulations, and NAIC standards and guidelines.

  • Coordinates and meets with consulting actuaries and insurers' CPA firms.

  • Reviews applications of insurance companies applying for a license in Wyoming for compliance with statutory requirements; makes recommendations to approve or deny the application.

  • Reviews financial statements, plans of operation, actuarial opinions, CPA reports, contracts, corporate documents, complaints, and regulatory actions, holding company act filings, and biographical affidavits.

  • Performs annual review of insurance companies' premium tax returns to determine proper calculations and payments to the State of Wyoming.

  • Performs examinations on pre-need funeral homes and perpetual care cemeteries.



Bachelor's Degree (typically in Accounting or Finance)


1-2 years of progressive work experience (typically in Accounting or Finance)

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

Certification as a Certified Financial Examiner (CFE) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA)