Pursuant to W.S. § 31-14-108 ↗, no company shall render motor club service in the State of Wyoming without first obtaining a certificate of authority. In order to obtain a certificate of authority, the following needs to be filed:

  1. Application for Motor Club Certificate of Authority*

  2. A certified copy of the company's charter or articles of incorporation and its bylaws

  3. A $100 licensing fee

  4. A $100,000 bond or other secured funds as outlined in W.S. § 31-14-103 ↗


In order to renew a motor club certificate of authority, the following must be submitted annual prior to July 1st:

  1. Motor Club Certificate of Authority Renewal Application*

  2. Any changes to the motor club's articles of incorporation or bylaws adopted in the last year

  3. The annual renewal fee of $100, made payable to the Wyoming State Treasurer

  4. A copy of the most current audited financial statement of the motor club

  5. Evidence of continuation of the $100,000 bond or other secured funds. If a new bond is being put in place, please complete a new Motor Club Bond Form* and have a power of attorney attached.

  6. If there have been any changes to the person accepting service of process for the motor club, please complete a new Appointment of Attorney for Service of Process form*. A resolution of the Board of Directors must be attached.

  7. All service contracts require prior written approval from the Department. Please submit copies of any new contract forms for review.

All renewal questions should be directed to Tammy Higgins.