Pursuant to Chapter 18* of Wyoming Insurance Regulations, a consultant is defined as any person who, for a fee, engages in the business of offering to another person any advice, counsel, opinion or service with respect to insurance needs, insurance risks, or concerning the benefits, coverages or provisions under any policy of insurance that could be issued in this state, or involving the advantages or disadvantages of any such policy of insurance, or any formal plan of managing pure risk and is not compensated by an insurer, or insurance producer for the advice given.

Pursuant to W.S. § 26-9-220 ↗, no person shall be held out to the public as an insurance consultant for hire unless they are licensed by this Department.



Anyone 18 years old or older can apply for a consultant license. The steps you need to follow if you are a Wyoming resident are:

  1. Pass the Wyoming Insurance Consultant Licensing Exam ↗ for the lines of authority you would like.

  2. Apply for your license and pay the licensing fees. Consultant license applications must be submitted in paper form using the Uniform Application for Producer License*. Please write a check to the Wyoming State Treasurer for the amount of $100 for Wyoming Residents, or $150 for Non-Residents, and mail it and the application to the following address:

Wyoming Department of Insurance
ATTN: Licensing
106 E. 6th Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82002

*Providing all available documents regarding any administrative actions or criminal convictions you may have will shorten the time necessary for review of your application. In most circumstances, a license may be granted even if you have felony convictions. However, additional documentation and written permission from the Commissioner will be necessary for certain felony convictions.

  1. Get your fingerprints taken and sent to the Department for a background check (A fingerprinting packet will be mailed to you after you have applied)


If you are a non-resident, you must be licensed in your resident state before you may apply for a non-resident Wyoming consultant license. The application procedure is the same as above.


Consultant licenses renew on the last day of the applicant's birth month two years after the initial approval date, then every two years after that. For example, if an applicant's birth date is July 4, 1990 and their license is approved March 12, 2020, their license will renew on July 31 in even numbered years.

The renewal fee for Wyoming residents is $100. For non-residents, the renewal fee is $150.

Renewals may be processed via Sircon ↗.


The public adjuster line of authority is included under the consultant license in Wyoming. All of the above procedures must be followed, with the exception of using the Wyoming Public Adjuster Application* rather than a producer application for the initial license application. For more information please reference the Public Adjusters page on this site.