The Wyoming Department of Insurance monitors and regulates insurance companies and insurance agents that do business in Wyoming to ensure they are following Wyoming’s insurance laws and regulations. The Department can also assist the citizens of Wyoming by answering insurance questions about policies and products and investigating any complaints against an insurance company and/or agent.


Answer general insurance questions about your insurance policy or products

Make sure the insurance company conducts a reasonable investigation on a claim

Make sure the insurance company bases the value of damaged vehicle or property on an appraisal

Investigate complaints regarding:

  • The improper denial of a claim or an offer of an amount less than indicated by the policy

  • Delays in claim handling

  • The cancelation or termination of an insurance policy

  • Misrepresentation of policy coverage or misappropriation of premiums paid to an agent of broker

Take action against an insurance company or agent for violating state laws or regulations. However, any actions taken by the department may not impact your personal claim.


Act as your legal representative or interfere in a pending lawsuit

Recommend an insurance company, agent or policy

Determine the value of your property or liability

Make an insurance company insure you (unless there is unfair discrimination)

Regulate rates that an insurer charges (except in very limited circumstances)

Decide who is at fault for an accident

Force an insurance company to pay your claim

Decide the amount of a loss


If you would like to file a complaint on a specific insurance company or agent, do these things first:

  • Contact the insurance company and ask them to resolve the issue

  • State your dispute to the company’s representative

  • Ask the company what you need to do to submit your dispute (e.g., write a formal letter of complaint, file any specific forms, provide supporting documentation, etc.)

  • Keep records of all your communication with the insurance company regarding your dispute.

  • Note the phone numbers you called and the name of the persons you spoke with, the dates of the call and write a brief summary of the conversation.

  • Keep copies of all correspondence between you and the insurance company regarding the complaint, including all emails you sent and received.

  • Gather and send all of the required documentation to the address provided by the insurance company. Do not send originals, send copies of your personal supporting documentation.

If you are unable to resolve your dispute with the company or aren’t satisfied with how they respond to your dispute, file a complaint with the Department ↗.

If you need a paper copy of the Wyoming Department of Insurance complaint form, please contact the Department at (307) 777-7402 and request a complaint form be mailed to you.