Please follow the steps outlined below in order to register a risk retention group with the State of Wyoming.

  1. Complete a Wyoming Foreign Liability Risk Retention Group Registration form in its entirety, with all original signatures, proper notarizations, and required attachments. All documents must be original. No copies will be accepted.

  2. Complete a Registration of Appointment of Agent for Service of Process, including a resolution from the group's board of directors.

  3. Draft a check in the registration fee amount of $200, made payable to Wyoming State Treasurer.

  4. Produce an actuarial opinion.

  5. Mail all of the above documents in paper form to:

Wyoming Department of Insurance
ATTN: Risk Retention Group Registration
106 E. 6th Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82002

An authorization letter will be sent when the risk retention group has been approved to do business in Wyoming.

Please direct all questions, including requests for company lists, to Tammy Higgins.


Annual statement filings* and the $200 renewal fee are due each year prior to March 1.

Premium taxes should be paid through the NAIC OPTins portal ↗. Taxes are to be paid on a retaliatory basis. The Wyoming tax rate is .75%. Annual due dates for premium taxes are:

  • April 30

  • July 31

  • October 31

All 3 quarters may be paid at one time. Filings must be completed even if the tax liability is zero.