Pursuant to W.S. § 26-5-112(a)(ii) ↗ and Chapter 50, Section 5* of the Wyoming Insurance Department’s Regulations, each accredited reinsurer shall file a properly executed Form AR-1* as evidence of its submission to the state of Wyoming’s jurisdiction and to the state of Wyoming’s authority to examine its books and records.


In accordance with W.S. § 26-5-112(a)(ii)(D) ↗, accredited reinsurers in the State of Wyoming are required to file the following annually by March 1:

  1. A hard copy of your annual statement as filed with your domicile state. The hard copy requirement is waived for companies that file their annual statement electronically with the NAIC. The annual statement should include only the supplements you are required to file with your domicile state. Quarterly statements and holding company statements are not required.

  2. A copy of your most recent audited financial statement as filed with your domicile state. The audited financial statement is due on or before June 1. Wyoming utilizes the postmark date for all filing deadlines. If there are updates to your mailing address, statutory home address, or state of domicile, please use our address change portal.


PAY ONLINE by using Sircon’s electronic payment portal ↗. To use this service, you must be a Sircon account holder. If you do not have a Sircon account, you may establish one through their carrier signup page ↗.

PAY BY CHECK by sending a copy of your invoice with your $25.00 payment of the annual statement fee. Please include the company’s NAIC number on the check. Checks should be made payable to the Wyoming State Treasurer and mailed to:

Wyoming Department of Insurance
ATTN: Reinsurer Renewals
106 E. 6th Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82002

It is important to note the $25.00 annual statement fee is the only fee that Accredited Reinsurers are required to pay. The Department does not require or accept annual or quarterly premium tax returns, or related fees from Accredited or Trusteed Reinsurers. Only companies holding a Wyoming Certificate of Authority are required to submit these tax filings. Accredited Reinsurer filings entered through the NAIC OPTins program may not be credited or refunded.

Please direct all inquiries to Tammy Higgins.