Per authority granted in W.S. § 26-32-101 ↗, the Wyoming Department of Insurance shall supervise and audit the funds derived by any person either residing in or doing business within the state, from prepaid or prearranged funeral contracts providing for the sale of caskets, burial vaults, monuments or memorials or any burial supplies and equipment and funeral services, if the sale is made, either outright or on the installment basis, prior to the demise of the person purchasing them or for whom they are purchased, with the merchandise or service, or both, to be delivered at a future date at time of need. All funds received from these contracts or arrangements by any person either residing in or doing business within this state shall be received, invested and withdrawn according to requirements the department approves. Investment in a bank, trust company or federal building and loan association in Wyoming is an approved investment.


The renewal fee and annual report are due no later than March 1 annually.

All attachments should be uploaded via the Document Submission Portal for License Renewal↗

The following must be included with your filing:

  1. Attachment A - Full name and address of every member, officer or director of the Funeral Home.

  2. Attachment B - Detailed statement of the applicant’s assets and liabilities.

  3. Attachment C - Listing of agents authorized to sell preneed funeral contracts.

  4. Attachment D - Listing of individuals authorized to sign on preneed funeral withdrawal forms. Sample signatures are helpful but not required.

  5. Attachment E - Submit the entire detailed annual trust statement or copies of the detailed monthly trust statements from your depository.

If your funeral home participates in the WFDA master trust, they will submit the required statements to us on your behalf.

PLEASE BE SURE YOUR ANNUAL REPORT RECONCILES TO YOUR BANK STATEMENT. Instructions are provided for completing the Preneed Funeral Contract Annual Report. Additional information ensures that the funeral home records correspond with the records of the Department.

  1. Attachment F - One original copy of the Surety Bond form along with Power of Attorney (Section 10 of Regulations). If there are no changes to the Bond, please provide the continuation certificate and power of attorney.

  2. Checks should be made payable to the Wyoming State Treasurer in the amount of $60 ($50 application fee; $10 annual report fee) and submitted with a copy of the invoice sent to you.

Pursuant to Section 17, every individual who shall violate any of the provisions of this article, or make any false and fraudulent report required under the provisions of this article shall be punishable in accordance with W.S. § 26-1-107 ↗.

Please contact Tammy Higgins if you have any questions.