Pursuant to Wyoming Regulations, Chapter 28, each seller shall file an annual report with the commissioner on or before March 1.

Privately Owned Cemetery Annual Report for Year Ended 2023*

All attachments should be uploaded via the Document Submission Portal for License Renewal↗

Please include the following with your report:

Attachment A - Full name and address (both residence and place of business) of the seller and every member, officer, and director thereof.

Attachment B – Most current balance sheet, showing the seller's assets and liabilities.

Attachment C - Detailed accounting of all transactions, dates and amount of payments made and accepted thereon, and the amount deposited into the Perpetual Care Trust Fund for each contract. Include donated lots/graves, crypts, and niches. The Perpetual Care Trust Fund Detailed Listing form* may be used for reference.

Attachment D - Name and address of each buyer.

Attachment E - Name of the decedent as to each contract of sale for a lot, crypt or niche.

Attachment F - Total amount of perpetual care funds invested in each of the investments authorized by the commissioner of the Wyoming Department of Insurance.

Attachment G - Number of interments or entombments for the year.

Attachment H - Detailed plans to provide for the perpetual care of the cemetery.

Attachment I - Copy of surety bond.

Attachment J - The annual trust statement from your depository.

Renewal invoice and payment. Checks should be made payable to the Wyoming State Treasurer in the amount of $60 ($50 application fee; $10 annual report fee). At this time we do not have an electronic payment option for this type of invoice.

Pursuant to Section 17, fines and penalties may apply in accordance with W.S. § 26-1-107 ↗.

A 30-day filing extension may be granted upon receipt of a written request.

Please contact Tammy Higgins if you have any questions.