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Wyoming Resident Individual Producer License

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New/Renewal applications may be submitted electronically through Sircon or NIPR.
For information about renewing your producer license, follow this link: Renewal and Reinstatement.

Wyoming Resident Individual Producer License

  • Required to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance in Wyoming.
  • Two-year license.
  • Renewable on last day of producer’s birth month every two years.
  • Wyoming does not require pre-licensing education or photos

Lines of Insurance on a Resident Individual Producer License:

  • Life
  • Accident and Health or Sickness
  • Variable Life and Variable Annuity
  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Personal Lines
  • Title
  • Limited Lines Credit
  • Limited Lines Crop
  • Limited Lines Pre-Need Funeral

The Limited Lines Producer Crop line of authority is available for individuals that will only hold the Crop line of authority.

Eligibility for Resident Individual Producer License

To obtain a Wyoming resident producer license, an individual must:

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age,
  • Have not committed any act that is a ground for denial, suspension or revocation pursuant to Wyoming Statute § 26-9-211,
  • Submit a completed application,
  • Pay the appropriate fees,
  • Within the preceding 12 months, pass the appropriate exam, and
  • Submit fingerprints and a fee for the Criminal History Record Check.
  • Applicants for Variable Life and Variable Annuity must include:
    • FINRA Registration Summary
    • Pass Series 6 or 7, and Series 63.
  • Applicants for Pre-Need Funeral must include a letter from their employer verifying employment and stating that, to the employer's best information, knowledge and belief, the applicant is of good moral character.

Following a felony conviction, the Department denies a license application until the completion of all terms and conditions of sentencing, including probation and the payment of restitution.

How to Register for an Exam

Pearson VUE administers all required insurance licensing exams for the Department. 
For information on exam scheduling, procedures and outlines, follow this link: Pearson VUE.

Study materials are available from these vendors:

Disclosure: Please note that the Wyoming Insurance Department does not endorse the following sites.  They are listed here for information purposes only.

A.D. Banker & Company
1-800-866-2468 | Visit Website

Americas Professor
1-800-870-3130 | Visit Website

Exam FX, Inc
1-800-586-2253 | Visit Website (also provides adjuster exam information)
1-800-333-3926 | Visit Website

Kaplan University
1-800-824-8742 | Visit Website

National Online Insurance School
1-888-770-3681 | Visit Website

1-480-685-2600 | Visit Website

How to Apply for a License

Electronic Processing (Preferred)
  • After passing the appropriate exam, applications may be submitted electronically through Sircon or NIPR.
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit any supplemental documentation electronically through Sircon or the NIPR Attachment Warehouse. 
  • Supplemental documents may be emailed to:     
  • $39 Criminal History Record Check Fee (effective July 1, 2011).
  • See Fingerprints and Criminal History Record Check webpage for information.

Paper Processing -
After passing the appropriate exams, submit to the Department the following:

Application and Licensing Fees for Resident Producers

  • $100 for any one or combination of the following:
    • Life
    • Accident and Health or Sickness
    • Variable Life and Variable Annuities
  • $100 for any one or combination of the following:
    • Property
    • Casualty
    • Personal Lines
  • $100 for Title
  • $100 for Limited Lines Credit
  • $20 for Limited Lines Crop
  • $20 for Limited Lines Pre-Need Funeral
  • $39 Criminal History Record Check Fee.
  • Make funds payable to Wyoming State Treasurer.

The fees submitted for an initial application or renewal/reinstatement application are non-refundable pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 26-4-101.

Criminal History Record Check

Continuing Education Requirements

  • Resident Producers must complete and report CE credits for all major lines of authority, Crop and Title.

  • Exception: Limited Lines Credit and Limited Line Pre-Need Funeral do not require CE to be reported. 
  • Follow this link for more CE information and forms: Continuing Education Reporting.

Appointment Requirements

  • Company appointments are required for individuals and business entities.
  • Follow this link for information and forms: Appointments.
  • Wyoming does not recognize firm affiliations other than the Designated Licensed Producer (DLP).
  • See Resident Business Entity Licensing for information on DLP.

Nonresident Producer Relocating to Wyoming

  • If a producer licensed in another state is moving to Wyoming, an exam and background report may not be required.

  • To become licensed without an exam and background report, the producer must:
    • Establish legal residence in Wyoming,
    • Apply for a resident insurance producer license,
    • Pay the appropriate fees,
    • Have been licensed in the prior resident state for the same lines,
    • Submit a letter of clearance from the prior resident state within 90 days of cancellation of previous license.
  • If the applicant is unable to produce a timely Letter of Clearance, the applicant must:

    • Apply for a resident producer license,
    • Pass an examination, and
    • Meet all other requirements for licensure.

License Renewal and Reinstatement

For information about renewing your producer license, follow this link: Renewal and Reinstatement

Department Mailing Address:

Wyoming Insurance Department

106 E. 6th Avenue

Cheyenne, WY 82002