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License Renewal

License Renewal

How to Renew:

Renewal invoices will be emailed approximately 90 days prior to the license expiration date. For your convenience and expedited processing, you may renew through Sircon or NIPR. Adjusters and consultants may renew electronically through Sircon.

Licenses may be renewed through the mail by following the instructions on the invoice.

If you are required to complete continuing education (CE),the provider will need to have posted all completed CE certificates and the CE filing fee must be submitted prior to the license renewal date. Be aware that the CE filing fee is separate from and in addition to the license renewal fees. For detailed information about filing CE, see the Continuing Education webpage.

Licenses must be renewed prior to the expiration/license renewal date. Failure to remit renewal application, payment of the license renewal fees and, if required, the provider CE electronic certificates and the CE filing fee by the renewal date will result in termination of your license. There is no grace period for submitting renewal applications, fees, or continuing education reports.

A duplicate invoice may be requested by contacting the Licensing Division at (307) 777-7319.

What to do if a License Lapsed for Failure to Renew:

If a license is not renewed by the renewal date and the licensee wishes to reinstate a license within twelve (12) months of the lapse, the licensee will be subject to a reinstatement penalty equal to and payable in addition to the license renewal fee. The licensee must submit a renewal/continuation application, the provider electronic CE certificates and CE filing fee (if CE is required and not previously submitted), the renewal fee and the reinstatement penalty fee.

If the license terminated more than twelve (12) months prior to the desired reinstatement, the licensee will be treated as a new applicant. The applicant must apply for a new license, including, if applicable, taking the appropriate examination and providing fingerprints.


What to do if a License Lapsed for not CE compliant:

If the license is terminated for not being CE compliant, the applicant must complete the CE and verify the provider has posted the electronic CE certificates of completion of courses approved by the Department, a completed renewal application form, and a reinstatement penalty equal to the renewal fee must be mailed to the Department.


To Cancel a License and Avoid a Reinstatement Penalty:

A reinstatement penalty will be assessed if a licensee reapplies within 12 months of failing to renew.

A request to voluntarily surrender your license, if received by the Department prior to the expiration date of the license, will avoid any reinstatement penalty should a person decide to become relicensed within 12 months of inactivation.

Form: Voluntary Cancellation Request

Fee: None


Submit to: 

Wyoming Insurance Department
106 E. 6th Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82002.

How to Change an Address:

If you wish to change your address on file with the Department, you may submit an electronic request through Sircon or NIPR.

An address change request must be submitted separately. The Department will not process an address or name change request noted on the license renewal form.