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Catastrophe Adjusting / Unusual Loss Adjusting

Catastrophe Adjusting / Unusual Loss Adjusting

Legal Authority:  

Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 26-9-219(c), a Wyoming adjuster’s license is required unless the loss is of an unusual, uncommon or unique nature requiring special expertise or knowledge not readily available among adjusters licensed in this state, or for the adjustment of a series of losses resulting from a catastrophe common to those losses. This form may be used to register emergency adjusters who will be employed by an insurer in the state of Wyoming for a time frame of 90 days. This form is not an application for a permanent adjuster license.

Qualification for Catastrophe/Unusual Adjusting

  • Be an adult (age 18); 
  • Be trustworthy and of good reputation 
  • Meet at least one of the following: 
    • Be a full-timed salaried employee of a licensed adjuster, 
    • Have experience or special education or training on the handling of claims of sufficient duration and extent to be competent. 


  • Complete the registration provided- all lines need to be complete or the registration will not be in compliance. 
  • When registering multiple emergency adjusters, please use an excel spreadsheet in conjunction with this registration. 
  • Registration should be completed by the appointing insurer, and registration must be signed by an authorized company official. (Usually the same individual who handles producer appointments). 
  • All questions must be answered. 
  • The insurer hereby appoints the individual(s) named on the registration and attachment as an emergency adjuster to adjust natural disaster insurance claims on its behalf. The insurer further certifies that it has depleted it source of licensed resident/non-resident adjusters for handling disaster claims in the state of Wyoming. 
  • To expedite the process please email registration and excel spreadsheet to
Note: If the adjuster currently holds a Wyoming Resident or Wyoming Non-Resident Adjuster’s License, it is not necessary to complete the registration.


Once Registration and Excel Spreadsheet are received via email, the Wyoming Department of Insurance agrees the insurer has met their obligation for notification for a date specific declared storm as long as all individuals entering Wyoming that are not licensed are provided. If additional adjusters are needed to be added the insurer needs to provide an additional registration and excel spreadsheet to satisfy the requirements of the Department of Insurance. The department will not provide a response to the emails received. 

In addition, the Wyoming Department of Insurance will only contact the insurer if items are not completed on this document, if issues have developed with individual’s handling of claims in the area or any concerns the commissioner may deem

Rules to Remember

Reports of Over-Insurance and Fire Losses

  • Any adjuster who investigates any property loss claim in this state shall report to the commissioner in writing any over-insurance of the property he discovers. 
  • Any adjuster who investigates ANY property fire loss in this state shall report in writing to the commissioner the origin and cause of the fire, so far as he can reasonably ascertain them, together with any circumstances which in his opinion may indicate fraud or attempted fraud. See Loss Reporting Form on Department’s website. 
  • Reports and supporting documentation regarding over-insurance or fire losses is considered privileged information pursuant to Wyo. Stat. §26-2-113(d).

Rules and Regulations