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WY Life and Health Guaranty Association



This notice provides a brief summary of the Wyoming Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association (“the Association”) and the protection it provides for policyholders. This safety net was created under Wyoming law, which determines who and what is covered and the amounts of coverage.


The Association was established to provide protection in the unlikely event that your life, annuity or health insurance company becomes financially unable to meet its obligations and is taken over by its Insurance Department. If this should happen, the Association will typically arrange to continue coverage and pay claims, in accordance with Wyoming law, with funding from assessments paid by other insurance companies.


The basic protections provided by the Association are:


      ·       Life Insurance


                        o $300,000 in death benefits


                        o $100,000 in cash surrender or withdrawal values


·         Health Insurance


                        o $300,000 in hospital, medical and surgical insurance benefits or major medical insurance


                        o $300,000 in disability insurance benefits


                        o $300,000 in disability income insurance


                        o $300,000 in long-term care insurance benefits


                        o $100,000 in other types of health insurance benefits


·          Annuities


                        o $250,000 in withdrawal and cash values


The maximum amount of protection for each individual, regardless of the number of policies or contracts, is $500,000.


Note: Certain policies and contracts may not be covered or fully covered. For example, coverage does not extend to any portion(s) of a policy or contract that the insurer does not guarantee, such as certain investment additions to the account value of a variable life insurance policy or a variable annuity contract. There are also various residency requirements and other limitations under Wyoming law.




Persons holding such policies are not protected by this Association if:


They are eligible for protection under the laws of another state (this may occur when the insolvent insurer was incorporated in another state whose guaranty association protects insureds who live outside that state);


        The insurer was not authorized to do business in this state;


        Their policy was issued by a fraternal benefit society, a mandatory state pooling plan, a stipulated premium insurance company, a local mutual burial association, a mutual assessment company, or similar plan in which the policyholder is subject to future assessments, or by an insurance exchange.


The Association also does not provide coverage for:


        Any policy or portion of a policy which is not guaranteed by the insurer or for which the individual has assumed the risk, such as a variable contract sold by prospectus;


        Any policy of reinsurance (unless an assumption certificate was issued pursuant to the reinsurance policy of contract);


        Interest rate yields that exceed an average rate or interest earned on an equity indexed policy;




        Credits given in connection with the administration of a policy by a group contract holder;


        Annuity contracts issued by a nonprofit insurance company exclusively for the benefit of nonprofit educational institutions and their employees;


        Unallocated annuity contracts (which give rights to group contract holders, not individuals);


        Any plan or program of an employer or association that provides life, health or annuity benefits to its employees or members to the extent the plan is self-funded or uninsured;


        An obligation that does not arise under the express written terms of the policy or contract;


    •     Any policy providing Medicare Part C and Part D coverage.


To learn more about the above protections, protections relating to group contracts or retirement plans, and all exclusions from coverage, please visit the Association’s website or contact:


Wyoming Life and Health                                                     Wyoming Department of Insurance

Insurance Guaranty Association                                         106 East 6th Avenue

6700 N Linder Rd, Suite 156, Box 139                                    Cheyenne, WY 82002

Meridian, ID  83646 

                                                                                                Phone: (307) 777-7401

Toll Free: (800) 362-0944                                                       Toll Free: (800) 438-5768

Fax: (208) 968-0206                                                               Fax: (307) 777-2446

Email:                                         Email:


Insurance companies and agents are not allowed by Wyoming law to use the existence of the Association or its coverage to encourage you to purchase any form of insurance. When selecting an insurance company, you should not rely on Association coverage. If there is any inconsistency between this notice and Wyoming law, then Wyoming law will control.


For more information please visit the following web sites:

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