Company Licensing Information

Company Licensing Information

To Become Licensed:

The Wyoming Department of Insurance requires the Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA) for life & health and property & casualty insurance companies that want to become licensed in the State of Wyoming. This application form can be downloaded from the NAIC’s web-site at 

The Wyoming Department of Insurance has an additional application form for health maintenance organizations (HMOs) that want to become licensed in the State of Wyoming. This form must be completed in addition to the Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA). To obtain a copy of this application, please contact Ms. Tammy Higgins at (307) 777-7318.

Legal References

For information regarding Wyoming State Laws and Regulations:

Wyoming State Laws

Wyoming Regulations

State Specific Instructions

Wyoming requires the signature of the president, or vice-president or other chief officer and the scretary of the insurer on UCAA Form 2P for Primary Applications and Form 2E for Expansion Applications. If a reciprocal insurer, the attorney-in-fact must sign UCAA Form 2P for Primary Applications and Form 2E for Expansion Applications.

Report of Examination
Per W.S. 26-3-112(a)(vi), a company's most recent report of examination must be as of a date within not more than 60 months preceding the application date.

Seasoning Requirements

Please see W.S. 26-3-105 (a) for Wyoming's seasoning requirements.

Requirements for Wyoming Domestic Insurance Companies

For licensing requirements that apply to Wyoming domestic insurance companies, please refer to Chapter 3 and Chapter 24 of the Wyoming Insurance Code, which is located in Title 26 of the Wyoming Statutes. In addition, please see the following chapters for the types of insurers specified below:

Below is a brief summary of some of the state-specific requirements for Wyoming domestic insurance companies:

W.S. 26-3-104(c):

Before granting a certificate of authority to a new domestic insurer, the commissioner shall secure a credit and investigation report as to the insurer’s management personnel and directors from a recognized and established independent investigation and reporting agency.

W.S. 26-24-102(a):

The applicable provisions of the Wyoming Business Corporation Act (§ 17-16-101 et seq.) apply to domestic stock insurers and domestic mutual insurers, except as in conflict with the express provisions of this code (Title 26) and the reasonable implications thereof. Per W.S. 26-24-102(b), domestic stock and domestic mutual insurers are exempt from the provisions of W.S. 17-16-1630 and 17-16-1720(e) and (f).

W.S. 26-24-103 through 26-24-108:

These statutes contain the requirements for a domestic insurers’ incorporators and the corporation itself.

W.S. 26-24-109 through 26-24-119:

These statutes contain specific requirements for domestic mutual insurance companies. Please note that a domestic mutual insurance company shall include the word “mutual” in its name per W.S. 26-24-103(c)(i).

W.S. 26-24-120:

This statute contains specific requirements for domestic stock insurance companies.

W.S. 26-24-121 through 26-24-128:

These statutes contain specific requirements relating to the officers and board of directors of domestic insurance companies. Per W.S. 26-24-121(d), an insurer operating as an authorized insurer only in the State of Wyoming shall have a majority of its board of directors residing in Wyoming. These members shall also be citizens of Wyoming. Per W.S. 26-24-121(e), any executive committee of a board of directors shall consist of not less than three directors, a majority of whom shall reside in Wyoming.

W.S. 26-24-129:

This statute requires that a domestic insurance company shall have and maintain its principal place of business and home office in Wyoming. In addition, the domestic insurer shall keep in its principal place of business accurate and complete accounts and records of its assets, transactions and affairs in accordance with the usual and accepted principles and practices of insurance accounting and record keeping as applicable to the kinds of insurance the insurer transacts. The insurer shall also have and maintain its assets in Wyoming.

W.S. 26-24-130 through W.S. 26-24-151:

These statutes contain various requirements regarding disbursements; borrowing; participating policies; dividends; contingent liability of mutual members; nonassessable policies; impairment of capital; directors’ liability; mutualization of stock insurers; conversion of mutual insurers to stock insurers; mergers; acquisitions; bulk reinsurance; and mutual members’ share of assets upon liquidation.