Company Fee Schedule

State of Wyoming
Schedule of Company Fees, Taxes and Deposits

Life, Disability, Annuity, Property and Casualty, Title, Fraternal and Health Maintenance Organizations

Section I - Fees  
Admission Fees (due at time of application)
Certificate of Authority application fee (Except Fraternals)
Annual Fees (due by March 1)
Annual Statement Filing Fee (Except Fraternals and HMOs)
Annual Statement Filing Fee for Fraternals
Annual Renewal Fee for Fraternals
Annual Certificate of Authority for HMOs
Other Fees
Filing of Charter Documents (other than those filed with application for certificate of authority), including UCAA corporate amendments
Service of Process, acceptance
Certification of any document and affixing seal of office thereto (includes Certificate of 
Compliance, Certificate of Deposit, and amended Certificate of Authority)
Copies of documents on file with the Department (per page)
Section II - Taxes  
Premium Taxes (W.S. § 26-4-103)
Quarterly estimates due April 30, July 31, and October 31. Final tax return due by March 1.
Tax on Direct Written Premiums (Except Annuities and Wet Marine & Transportation)
Tax on Annuities
Tax on Gross Underwriting Profit of Wet Marine & Transportation Insurance
Section III - Deposits  
General Deposit to operate in the state (in place at the time of admission)
Life & Disability
Casualty (excluding surety)
Casualty (including surety)
Multiple line
Title (domestic insurers)
Title (foreign insurers)

Pursuant to W.S. § 26-3-111(b), the commissioner shall accept the certificate in proper form from the insurer's domestic state, if the deposit in trust is for the protection of all policyholders wherever located.
Special Deposits

Pursuant to W.S. § 26-3-111(e), the commissioner may require a foreign insurer to make and maintain in trust in this state, through the commissioner, a deposit of cash or eligible securities, in an amount the commissioner specifies, for the sole protection of an insurer's policyholders located in Wyoming.

Wyoming is a retaliatory state and all fees, premium taxes, deposits and other charges will be charged at the rate in Wyoming law or the rate charged by the domiciliary state, whichever is higher. W.S. § 26-3-130.
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