Commissioner’s Corner

December 2018

“I wish all readers the safest and happiest of holidays. Unfortunately, insurance questions can occur during the winter holidays so I offer these responses in the event that one of these scenarios happens to you.”

 - Tom Glause, Wyoming Insurance Commissioner

Does insurance cover if…

1. …a guest slips and falls on my icy driveway?

A standard homeowners insurance policy may provide limited medical payments coverage if your guest needs medical attention. If a guest sues for additional damages, your policy may provide liability coverage. Check to be sure you have adequate liability limits.

2.  …someone steals the holiday decorations from my yard?

A standard homeowners policy typically provides coverage, subject to policy deductible and coverage limits. These items are also generally covered if you have a condominium or renter's insurance policy.

3.  …presents are stolen from my home?

Standard homeowners, condominium, and rental insurance policies provide coverage with special limits for certain goods, such as electronics and jewelry. Check your policy for specific item limits. Be sure to add new items to your policy as soon as possible.

4. …a snowstorm causes a tree to fall through my front window?

Home damage and tree removal (if the tree fell due to the weight of ice or snow) is generally covered by a standard homeowners policy minus deductible. Check to see what coverage you have.

5. …a candle falls over and lights a curtain, causing a house fire: A standard homeowners insurance policy will cover your home and belongings destroyed by a fire, up to policy limits. Standard policies typically provide additional living expenses if you are unable to live in your home due to damage from a fire or other disaster.