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Selecting an Insurance Agent

Q. If I am considering a new insurance agent, what questions should I ask?

A. Most importantly, make certain that the agent is licensed in Wyoming. You can call the DOI at 307-777-7401 and ask for the licensing department to verify that the agent you are considering is licensed here.

Q. How can I make sure that an on-line insurance product is legitimate?

A. This is an excellent question. First, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. As I said in the question above, be sure that the agent and company selling the product is licensed in Wyoming. Then, read very carefully. Pay special attention to what is included in a policy as well as what is excluded. Be cautious of words or phrases that seem too vague or over-stated like “complete” or “all-inclusive.” Also, be wary of time-pressured tactics, robo-calls, or refusal to answer your questions. You can always contact the DOI if you have questions or concerns.

Remember to always:

  • Stop before writing your check or signing the contract.
  • Call the Wyoming DOI if you have questions.
  • Confirm that the agent and company are licensed in Wyoming.

Commissioner Tom Glause