Commissioner’s Corner

June 2018

Each month the DOI posts short Q & A installments of commonly asked insurance questions and responses from Wyoming Insurance Commissioner, Tom Glause. If you have a question you would like to see addressed or if you want additional information, please feel welcome to contact the DOI at 307-777-7401 or 1-800-438-5768 or at:  

Preparing for Spring & Summer Storms

Q.  What can I do to prepare for spring and summer storms?

A.  Unfortunately, you can’t do much about Mother Nature, but you can anticipate what to do when extreme weather happens. I suggest you do the following before the hail and wind blow in:

            1.  Regularly check the weather so you know when storms are predicted. Consider getting a weather alert app for your phone.

            2. Create a home inventory of your possessions before extreme weather is here. Photographs or videos are excellent records of your items, but it is even better to have a complete list with brand names, price, model, serial number or any other identifiers.

            3. Trim dead or overhanging branches. Latch or secure doors, garage doors, and windows.  Secure outdoor furniture or items that could blow around in high winds.

            4.  Have an emergency plan for your family, including pre-arranging an emergency meeting point.

Q. What should I do after a storm?

A.  1. Make sure everyone is safe and get medical help if needed. 

      2. Once the danger has passed, assess your damage and take photos.  Make repairs that are needed so you don’t have more damage --this includes things like covering broken windows, leaking roofs, and damaged walls.

      3.  Contact your insurer right away. Timelines vary, so know in advance what your policy timeline is.  Be sure you know what information your insurer needs and begin gathering that information.