Commissioner’s Corner                                                                     

Q. My family and I are going to be relocating over the summer.  Are there any insurance matters that I should consider during our moving process?

A. This is a great question.  First, I encourage you to read the PSA about Moving that is posted on this website.  Most importantly, you should keep an inventory of your possessions so that you have a good record of your possessions if they are being moved by a professional moving company, placed in storage, or being left in an unoccupied residence for any length of time. Secondly, contact your auto, home, and health insurers to give them your new location and to make any needed adjustments to your coverage.  Be certain you will have insurance coverage in your new location.

Q.  My company has hired a moving company to move us to the new job site.  Do I need insurance for the move?

A.  Contact the moving company and ask about their insurance coverages.  Make certain they are licensed and have liability insurance.  They might suggest a minimal coverage based on the weight of your household items.  Consider whether that is adequate to cover your valuable items or if your possessions will be in storage for a length of time.

Commissioner Tom Glause