Commissioner’s Corner                                                            

Commissioner’s Corner

August 2019


Q.  What can I do to prevent fire from damaging or destroying my rural cabin?

A.  It is wise that you are considering preventive measures.  Although Wyoming is very fortunate to have rural fire suppression in many areas of our state, wildfires can occur anywhere and at any time.  In recent years, wildfires are two months longer on average and wildfires have become increasingly dangerous nationwide. 

I suggest you consider doing the following on your property:

      • Regularly mow or trim vegetation and remove pine needles and other debris.

      • Install nonflammable ground cover like stone or rock around houses or structures.

      •  Keep firewood at least 30 feet from structures.

      • Enclose or screen decks with metal mesh screening and do not store anything under the deck.

      • Remove all trees within 15 to 30 feet of structures.

      • Make sure an onsite water source is available for fire suppression.

      • Keep propane tanks a safe distance from homes according to building codes and the size and type of the tank.

      • Have working fire extinguishers and an evacuation plan.



Interim Insurance Commissioner 

                                                                                                                                    Jeff Rude